About TinyStartups

TinyStartups follows the Golden Rule to startup founders and entrepreneurs for success:

 “To treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

Growing A Team

TinyStartups is currently operated by one person, and has a small client portfolio. I’m Top Rated on Upwork and looking to hopefully scale up and hire grow to more people this/next year (2021-2022). 

The focus is to be of service to others where ex-FAANG employees (and newbies!) would like to become startup founders but need assistance in starting a new idea or following through to the end. 

Tiny startups gives all the advice, tools, methodologies and best practices to execute for you or along side you as we would have done to ourselves. 

I respond pretty quickly, so whatever you want to know or build I will always get back to you. (I love talking on Telegram!)

Love TinyStartups

Location & Timezone

TinyStartups is based in the U.S – now working remotely in Asia in service to others (GMT+8 Timezone).

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