We Build Startups

Get Help From Zero To One, Or In Between.

Pitch Deck

Receive a principled presentation plan and copywritten deck to make your Series A to Z a successful & practical experience.

MVP Roadmap

Get a written MVP framework based on the product goal you have, while we work solving your customer use cases to the best solution.

Market Research

We research your product or service so you can understand your customer profile and know the right channels to reach them to.

Startup Services

- Pitch Decks
- Market Research
- Product Roadmapping
- Customer Profiling


- Find Product Direction Clearly
- Know What To Avoid Fast
- Focus On Product Precision
- Find Your Market Quick

About TinyStartups

I’ve been building startups for 12+ years, raised seed, series rounds, and made a bunch of mistakes, failures and successes along the way. I'm happy to help others now build theirs no matter what background you come from.

David K. - Fmr. Google
Head of Analytical Leads

"Erick made some excellent suggestions about how to position my business. Some of his feedback challenged my held beliefs and caused me to reconsider design and copy choices for which I am grateful."

Taylor C. Ph.D - Fmr. IBM
Watson Research

"Erick led the effort to understand what I was actually looking for, which I did have fully specified at the start of the engagement. Highly Recommended"

Raphael F. - Amazon
AWS Sales Engineer

"Erick is a very level headed and smart person. He is not afraid to give you honest feedback, while trying to steer you into the right direction. Erick has helped me shape my startup since its very beginning.

Joseph M. - New
Startup Founder

"I was someone who had a solid idea and Erick molded that idea into a product that is going to change the world. No words can show my gratitude for his knowledge, time, and dedication towards this project.'

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All Startups Built Here Following The Golden Rule. - "To do onto others as others would have done onto you"

All Services

Pitch Deck

A pitch deck that is structured and written correctly to communicate well to investors.

  • Receive a structured pitch deck with the correct writing (no design).

  • Know the correct way to present.

MVP Roadmap

A MVP that shows your best way to create the product. Starting from the customer to best solution.

  • Receive a product roadmap that is clear on how to build or expand your idea.

  • Get numbers on market sizing for your audience.

Market Strategy

A market research plan that reveals where your customers are and how to approach them.

  • Receive a market strategy that reveals the best channels to market in.

  • Reveal where your customers are.

Customer Profiling

A research profile on your customer avatar to understand who exactly your customer is.

  • Reveal who is your ideal customer, what they want from your product, and how to sell them.

  • Learn the right customer needs.

Build From Zero

If you have an idea and don't know where to start, use the Guide Me button and invite us in the form ahead what you want to do.

Make A Pitch Deck That Sells

Tips To Include In Your Message:

  • How much do you need to raise?

  • How many people in your founding team?

  • What's the startup about?

Build Your MVP

Tips To Include In Your Message:

  • Who is your customer and what do they need from you?

  • What is the main benefit of your product or service?

Find Your Correct Market

Tips To Include In Your Message:

  • Mention which marketing channels you have tried before.

  • Talk about the ones you want to try but not sure if your market is in them.

  • If you have data on your customer, share about it!

Know Your Customer

Tips To Include In Your Message:

  • Mention how many customer/market avatars you need research in.

  • Are your customers leaving after using your product?

  • What kind of customers are working so far for you?

Start Your Journey

Tips To Include In Your Message:

  • Talk about what you want to do and where you need help.

  • Speak up if this is your first time building a startup.

  • What is your goal?