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Example: Telegram - username is @MyNewStartup

How It's Done First

1. Discover

Get a proper product discovery done in this stage, and make sure you cover the right markets to make an impact. Avoid mistakes such as assumed product launches.

2. Build It

Gather the required materials based on the budget, get your RFP sent out to the right teams, or find the right freelancers in unexpected areas.

3. Add Magic

Add efficiency to your launch phase to cut down costs and add value to your perceived product.

4. Launch It

Launch your product successfully, gather feedback, and then proceed to build your product backlog to scale value after sprint zero.

What Happens After

5. Market It

Spend your ad-budget to the right channel where your customers are – never guess they’re lurking around the Facebook ad-network. (They might be somewhere completely unexpected)

6. Retain Customers

The goal here is to create value, not to get visitors, clicks and high CPC rates. You get loyal visitors that generate a steady flow of reciprocity, rather than one-stop shoppers. 

7. Scale It

Once you know your core benefit and your perceived product, it’s time to work on scaling your total product offering by looking over your backlogs and customer input for maximum impact.

8. Sell It

Once you’ve scaled, sell it! Get acquired or acquihired and reinvest in your next adventure. 

Happy Founders

"Erick led the effort to understand what I was actually looking for, which I did have fully specified at the start of the engagement. Highly recommended." 
Taylor Cassidy
Ex-IBM Research
Startup: LT Solutions
"Erick is a very level headed and smart person. He is not afraid to give you honest feedback, while trying to steer you into the right direction. Erick has helped me shape my startup since its very beginning."
Raphael De Faria
Startup: Walk-On!
"I was someone who had a solid idea and Erick molded that idea into a product that is going to change the world. No words can show my gratitude for his knowledge, time, and dedication towards this project."
Joseph M. Ivy IV
New Startup Founder Startup: No-Ghost

- Build Your Startup -

Example: Telegram - username is @MyNewStartup
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